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AFL Goldfields links with "Outside The Locker Room"

AFL Goldfields is pleased to advise that they have partnered with Jake Edwards to offer the highly regarded “Outside the Locker Room” program to our affiliated Clubs. 

For those not aware with it, Outside The Locker Room is an awareness, education and outreach program for adolescents and adults on critical community issues. An Information Flyer on the “OTLR” Program is attached. 

For those who have previously seen or taken part in the program, it has been refreshed and updated and is now offered to AFL Goldfields via the delivery of 2 sessions.

Developed in partnership with mental health and youth services experts and delivered in local sporting clubs, schools and community groups via a series of interactive workshops over a 12-month period Outside The Locker Room provides participants with information and resources on issues such as: 

  • Suicide
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Gambling
  • Drugs and alcohol education
  • Inclusion & Respect
  • Social Media & Cyber Bullying

At the conclusion of the program, participants, along with their parents, families and community members, have a greater understanding of symptoms, stress-points and adverse environments that can lead to mental illness or destructive behaviour. 

The Outside the Locker Room program provides participants with strategies on how to combat social and mental health issues in a productive way and, most importantly, it educates young people on the resources and organisations available for them to access in order to prevent or provide assistance should they feel they require help or would like to help a family member, teammate or friend.

The Outside the Locker Room program is delivered in 2 sessions to your Club Members that involve:


A Program Ambassador provides their insights and experiences on mental health, drug and alcohol abuse or bullying.

This session tackles the statistics, stigmas, struggles, support and solutions associated with mental health in Australia. 


Your club can select from one of the following sessions to be held at your club during the season:


  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Social Media & Cyber Bullying
  • Inclusion & Respect
  • Leadership & Culture


COST: AFL Goldfields are delighted to advise that the delivery of the Outside the Locker Room program to our Club has been subsidised, and Clubs can now register to have the 2 sessions delivered for just $400. Jake Edwards is also happy to discuss partnering with your club to identify opportunities to have both sessions delivered at NO COST.


To REGISTER:  Please contact Jake Edwards via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Mobile: 0413 245 022