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  • AFL Victoria Alcohol Management Policy

    AFL Victoria’s Alcohol Management policy template address the importance of the responsible service of alcohol throughout clubs and leagues across the state. It outlines ways in which local clubs can promote the responsible use of alcohol, control underage drinking, encourage safe transportation and sensible bar management.

    AFL Victoria Alcohol Management Policy

  • Anti-Doping Policy

    The AFL subscribes to a philosophy and adopts a stance that ensures that AFL Competitions are conducted upon the basis of athletic prowess and natural levels of fitness and development, and not on any performance enhancing substances.

    It also strives to protect players from using substances which may cause acute or long-term harm to their bodies, and educate the players to understand the dangers and consequences of the use of performance enhancing substances.

    In addition to this, it sets an example for all participants in the sport of Australian football by condemning the use of performance enhancing substances.

    Anti-Doping Policy

  • Anti-Doping Messages for Community Football

    This flyer highlights the AFL's stance on performance enhancing substances, the involvement of ASADA, the purpose of an anti-doping code, and what this means for community football. 

    It also provides the details of key resources when it comes to addressing anti-doping, including educational resources.  

    Anti-Doping Messages for Community Football

  • Cyber-Safety Policy

    In a day and age where technology, particularly phones and social media platforms are so prevalent in our lives, it is important to put in place measures that encourage safe and appropriate usage to ensure that our great game remains enjoyable for everyone.

    This policy outlines these measures to help maximise the benefits of these technologies, whilst also minimising the dangers and managing the risks at the same time.

    Cyber-Safety Policy

  • De-Registration Policy

    This National Player and Official Deregistration policy has been developed to provide a risk management framework and policy basis for community football administrators to recognise a duty of care with respect to Players and Officials who could pose an unacceptable risk to other Players and Officials.

    It is imperative that all Leagues and State Bodies adopt this Policy to ensure that a consistent approach is applied to the Deregistration of Players and Officials.

    De-Registration Policy

  • Extreme Weather Policy

    Extreme weather and environmental factors can affect the playing of Australian Football. While environmental factors will not regularly influence whether an Australian Football Match should commence or continue to be played, occasionally extremely adverse conditions may give rise to a need to assess whether players and/or officials are in environmental danger. This policy sets out the approach that the Football Body should adopt when assessing extreme weather and environmental conditions.

    Extreme Weather Policy

  • Infectious Diseases Policy

    This policy relates to the blood rule and the importance of its implementation and general hygiene in Australian Rules Football. It outlines what processes should be followed in the case of the blood rule coming into play, as well as the role of each person in the handling of this occurrence (e.g. the umpire, the player the trainer etc.).

    Infectious Diseases Policy

  • Privacy Policy

    AFL Goldfields understands any concerns an individual may have regarding confidentiality and takes seriously its obligations in respect of all information it gathers. To safeguard that information, AFL Goldfields has implemented a program to ensure compliance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the National Privacy Principles (“NPPs”). This Privacy Policy outlines how AFL Goldfields and our affiliated Leagues deal with Personal Information.

    Privacy Policy

  • Respect & Responsibility Policy

    The AFL’s first Respect and Responsibility Policy was launched in 2005 and had the objective of creating a safe and inclusive environment for women at all levels of Australian Football.

    This document is a renewed Respect and Responsibility Policy, supplemented by a new protocol for managing complaints and incidents, and forms part of a broader commitment by the AFL to being leaders in gender equality and inclusion.

    Respect & Responsibility Policy

  • Smoke Free Policy

    This AFL Victoria Smoke Free policy template provides guidelines around the implementation of designated smoke free areas and behavioural expectations. In doing so, this helps promote a healthy environment for all patrons.

    Smoke Free Policy

  • Vilification & Discrimination Policy

    The AFL GOLDFIELDS (League) is committed to fostering and maintaining a sporting environment which promotes understanding, accepts the unique differences of all persons affiliated with or interested in Australian Football, and recognises the need to prohibit certain discriminatory or vilifying conduct.


    To this end, the League has regard to the overarching AFL Vilification Policy, as well as other applicable AFL Victoria Policies including the AFL Victoria Member Protection Policy, in setting forth this document which establishes the means of redress for players and officials aggrieved by what they reasonably consider to be vilification or discrimination based on their individuality.

    Vilification & Discrimination Policy