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  • Coach Accreditation

    This information is all about coaching- the CoachAFL accreditation, re-accreditation and the registration process for the 2020 football season.  This is relevant for all coaches required to renew either current or expiring accreditations, as well as coaches registering for the first time.

    For the 2020 season, the AFL is partnering with the AFL Coaches Association and its Tackle Your Feelings program to provide all coaches with access to a mandatory Mental Health Awareness module. This module will be made part of the renewal process, and will also be added to the Foundation courses, meaning that next year ALL coaches will complete an online module on Mental Health Awareness as part of their accreditation and registration for 2020.


    New Coaches:

    New coaches are able to accredit from November 1, 2019. All new coaches are required to:

    1. Complete the Coaching Profile and select a Coaching Role
    2. Pay the CoachAFL Membership Fee of $49.50
    3. Agree to the Coaches’ Code of Conduct
    4. Complete the online Foundation Course relevant to the playing age group of their team (Junior, Youth or Senior), including modules on Concussion Management & Mental Health Awareness.

    This process remains the same as it was for 2018 & 2019. A coach is NOT required to attend a workshop to gain Foundation accreditation.


    Re-Accrediting Coaches with an Accreditation expiring at the end of 2019:

    All re-accrediting coaches are able to renew from Friday January 17, 2020. For those coaches with an accreditation expiring at the end of 2019 they are required to:

    1. Update their Coaching Profile and their Coaching Role/s
    2. Pay the annual CoachAFL Membership Fee of $49.50
    3. Agree to the Coaches’ Code of Conduct
    4. Complete an online module on Mental Health Awareness*

    This process mirrors what was done for 2019, with the Mental Health Awareness course becoming the mandatory renewal module (in 2018 this was concussion management, 2019 was Respectful Relationships).


    Existing Coaches with an Accreditation expiring in either 2020/21:

    All existing accredited coaches are able to update their accreditation starting Friday January 17, 2020. For those coaches with an accreditation expiring in 2020/21 they will be required to:

    1. Update their Coaching Profile and their Coaching Role/s
    2. Agree to the Coaches’ Code of Conduct
    3. Complete an online module on Mental Health Awareness*

    Coaches with an accreditation expiry at the end of 2020/21 will have been accredited under the previous 4-year accreditation model.


    Registering as a Coach to a Club in 2020:

    The registration process for coaches will remain the same in 2020. Coaches will need to select their coaching role in their profile on CoachAFL by selecting the correct League and Club.


    Coaching Development Points:

    *Please Note: Foundation Level Coaches that did not obtain the required amount of 10 Coaching Development Points by 31 December 2019 will be required to re-do the Foundation Coaching Course specific to the age group they are coaching when renewing in 2020.


    Registering for Coach Development Workshops:

    Registrations for coaching workshops held in 2020 are made through CoachAFL. To register, coaches are required to:

    1. Go to the Home Page, go to the ‘Workshops’ section and click on their state.
    2. Scroll through the catalogue to find a workshop they wish to register for and click on the workshop.
    3. Once in the workshop click on the ‘Sign-Up’ link and register – simple as that.

    The attached document below explains the process further.

    Or coaches can click the link to Coach.AFL below & then logon & it will take you to the AFL Goldfields forums to be held. I have also attached a hard copy of the modules but to register it must be done through Coach.AFL. Topics and presenters will be confirmed over the coming weeks.

    This process means that coaches are required to have completed their accreditation before attending a workshop, thus eliminating any confusion that attending a face-to-face workshop equals accreditation. In addition to this, the term ‘workshop’ will now become the term used for face-to-face coach education over ‘courses’ – this will further differentiate the two. To incentivise attendance at workshops, 4 points will be provided to coaches for every workshops attended under the Coach Development Points model. Again in 2020, coaches will be required to accrue 10 points to re-accredit for 2021. All workshops are free of charge.


    There is also a customer service team that can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through the Get In Touch form on the website. If you have questions please contact Gary Learmonth, Grant McMillan or Coach.AFL.

    Registering to Workshops

  • Prep-to-Play

    The Prep-to-Play resources have been formulated by experts in coaching and sports medicine, to further support coaches of females at all levels and which aim to improve football skills, athletic performance and reduce injuries. Use the videos and handouts to help plan your sessions and as an education tool for players.

    Download Prep-to-Play Manual

  • Prep-to-Play Ground Balls

    Being able to win the ball on the ground is integral to team success. Female football in its current state is a highly contested game on the ground. It is crucial that players are taught to perform the skill safely, to avoid head, neck and shoulder injuries.

    Download the Ground Ball PDF Guide

  • Prep-to-Play Ball Carrier

    Breaking a tackle Dustin Martin style is often something a lot of players hope to be able to do.

    The Prep-to-Play Ball Carrier guide has some pointers on how to improve your skills when it comes to receiving, avoiding or breaking a tackle.

    Download the Ball Carrier PDF Guide

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